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March 17. 2019・6 min read

Artistic Aesthetics in the Digital Age

The ever increasing speed of creating visual content in pursuit of customer attention, has led to a big gap between the quality of aesthetic and visual content.

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Recently, many companies in the field of CG, took as a basis the anti-trend, “not to do as they should, but as they can.” This is due to the fact that it is not enough simply to invest in technology and content generation, although this is certainly important. All the expanding consumer, aesthetic appetites will soon have nothing to satisfy them in this insane arms race between remarkable companies as Disney, Netflix, HBO, Amazon prime, etc. which has resulted in a decline in talent and methods that always influenced the quality of visualization and creative ideas.

Quality is the main criterion that defines aesthetic content.

Because of this high rate of speed, there is becoming less of a desire to delve into the essence of the problem. Each of the large or medium players solves this problem in their own way, as they deem fit. It should be noted that not all methods are really all that suitable for the given situation.

Many people, sensing this tendency, have begun to open online training courses that differ little from one another. They still work according to similar principles, meaning they train specialists for a couple months, and then let them go to their employers. As a result of such training of “quick-fire” artists, employers get what they don’t deserve, and their clients don’t pay for what they don’t. Also, many study independently, which means this practice takes a lot of time, where the results are not always predictable. These trends lead to lower quality and therefore interest in the works of artists. Consequently, there is little interest in actual content. There are no winners here. It's about all types of digital art. How can one systematically resolve this problem?

Step back

If you go back to the era before the Internet, then the conditions in which people tried to create, were as unassuming as their work was truly authentic. And this story was understood by the majority by default.

I would like to note that the more information has spread, and its quantity grew, the less noteworthy is the art.

The relevance of ideas was losing its impact, and the fire was fading.

This story of contemporary art fits absolutely all directions in this work, one way or another, it hurts the hearts and minds of people. The striking picture that people who do not share the craft of the creator, more in need of genuine art than those who are destined to create it with destiny.

Where’s the exit

Our team of Legends has a unique opportunity in this situation, to reproduce genuine ancient poetics, taking into account modern technologies. All that’s needed for this is special attention to the issue of difficulties in creativity. The ability to perceptively peer into the details and face the problem. We have both our potential and desire to mentor people who really want to develop creative abilities. We have our finger on the pulse of modern marketing and our management is able to handle any creative request. I wanted the world to be filled with beauty, with all the perfect opportunities.

Technology must find a decent design shell.

In a cycle of constant improvements

We are offered constant content updates, like golden mountains giving us bliss and joy. It’s not necessary to take into account the problems of previous versions. This specificity fits well with the trends in the IT sector, the game industry, the film and TV industries. If the raw software is half the problem (although a sedentary interface causes more humility than a loud opposition from the user), then the second half is of poor picture quality, clearly showing disregard for users of the content. This is like a loop of apathy in which all participants in the production and consumption of content have fallen. The first, in pursuit of financial gain, will generate low-quality content, the second, due to the lack of choice, should pay for it and consume it.

We cannot stop increasing the speed of content generation, which doesn’t allow for us to pause to restructure our approach to production.

Our goal is to help our customers snap out of this loop.


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